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Everything you need to know about working as a courier

First of all – what does a courier do?

The answer seems to be obvious – he delivers packages to customers. The courier can work by car (sometimes the company provides a car), moped, bicycle or even on foot. He delivers small envelopes and large boxes. He delivers pizza at two in the morning :), and manages to deliver important papers just in time for a business meeting. The work of a courier involves a lot of communication with different people and a lot of travel, even if these travels are limited to one city or even area.

Advantages of working in a courier service

Let’s talk about the positive side of working as a courier! 

  1. It does not require special education, although the ability to find a common language with people and a certain level of stress resistance are welcome.
  2. Work on the delivery can be combined with study or other shift work. 
  3. Allows you to engage in self-development: listening to audio books, music, recording lectures or business training, affirmations or motivating quotes.
  4. Mobile work in the fresh air with foot couriers or bicycle deliveries allows you to keep your body in good physical shape.
  5. The absence of reasons for the emergence of conflict situations with colleagues, since you practically do not have to see them. 🙂
  6. Tips from satisfied customers motivate us to quickly fulfill the duties of delivering orders. This is another opportunity to increase your budget.

How to start an individual activity as a courier in Lithuania?

  1. In order to start an individual activity, you must obtain a certificate of self-employment. How to do it? Here you can click on the link to our next article where we will show you in detail how to do it. 
  2. Now, with a certificate of individual activity, you can start working!
  3. Depending on which platform you work on, you will receive payment for the services rendered at a certain frequency, i.e. once a week, twice a month or so. Money for services rendered by you, as a rule, will be transferred to the bank account specified by you.
  4. After receiving the payment from the platform, check that the payment has been received.
  5. Fees – if you are not insured with PSD, you need to pay the current PSD premium every month, i.e. 50.95 EUR, and at the end of the year, declare the income received and pay GPM and VSD taxes. 
  6. If you keep track of business expenses (such as fuel, car rentals, etc.), you should record them. You can do this in an easy way with the DeepFin app!

And the best news!

We (DeepFin team) have special offers for Bolt and Wolt couriers and carriers. 

If you have decided to work as a courier or driver, you will probably do it on one or more platforms such as Bolt, Wolt, Ziticity, LastMile. DeepFin works closely with Bolt and Wolt and has special offers for participants of these platforms. DeepFin is exclusively offering Bolt drivers up to 3 months of free and unlimited Go!


For a stress-free job, it’s a good idea to get to know the city you’ll be working in. To do this, we will leave you links to maps of the three largest cities in Lithuania:

  1. Kaunas – http://www.truelithuania.com/maps-of-kaunas-6865
  2. Vilnius – https://maps.vilnius.lt/
  3. Klaipeda – http://www.truelithuania.com/maps-of-klaipeda-6870

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