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The best mobile invoicing for self-employed

Say Hello to your smart financial assistant that helps you monitor cash flow, get paid faster, pay taxes and solve problems. DeepFin is a must if you run your small business.

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Be in the full control of your business finance.

DeepFin will help you to effectively manage your business finance and successfully grow your business.


Marketing specialist

DeepFin app has made my life easier. Creating and sending an invoice is no longer an issue. The app is easy and intuitive to use.

Tomas S.


Easy to use mobile app! Everything can be done from your mobile phone. I really enjoy that my client library is saved so it helps me to stay efficient.

Kristina K.

Fashion designer

DeepFin application is worth your while. I am pleased that people who created this app always stay in touch with the customers and ask for their feedback. A great team that has created an even greater app, which helps small enterprises manage their finances. Thank you, guys!


Invoice in 60 seconds? Yes!

Create and send invoices from your mobile phone

Track taxes automatically

Follow your tax liabilities in real time

Always know how much tax you have to pay.
Expense capture

Quick expense capture

Capture your expense receipts quickly and allocate them appropriately

Track your Safe-to-Spend Balance

Get instant insights into the health of your business via your Safe-to-Spend balance. This is the amount remaining after your expenses, cash withdrawals, taxes paid and future tax liabilities.
Real-time support

Chat to our support team through the app whenever you need help

High level security

We apply enterprise level security to protect your account and data


Product roadmap built together with the customers

Total control

You are in total control of your cashflow
About us
About us

DeepFin is an app for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners to automatically manage their business finances, accounting and taxes. We free out entrepreneurs’ time from tedious financial admin so they can concentrate on developing their business.

Our vision is to become the entrepreneur’s best friend — a leading app which combines freelance accounting and tax reporting — in Europe and beyond.

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